Welcome to Marilyn's German Shepherds! I'm a Missouri State licenced kennel. I'm a American Kennel Club inspected kennel. I'm a member of the Missouri Pet Breeders Assocation. The picture above is some of my past German Shepherd puppies that all found homes with loving families. I have been a German Shepherd breeder  since 2004. I have all colors black and tan, black and silver, black and red, bi-color, black, white, black and tan brindle, black sable brindle, silver sable, tan sable, and red sable of German Shepherd puppies. I have German Shepherd puppies for sale as pets that are wonderful, loving, family protectors. I also have full working line German Shepherd puppies for sale that would do well in a working job, SCH, agility, therapy dog, search and rescue, or as a very energetic family member. They are all sweethearts. Enjoy! Feel free to call or email. I always enjoy meeting and talking to people that are interested in German Shepherd dogs, as I am. Thanks for your interest in my puppies. Marilyn White, Owner & Breeder 


I keep my website up to date with my puppies and parents daily.


 I have new litters of puppies!  I have black and tan, solid black, black and silver, and tan sable  German Shepherd puppies available. They are available for puppy pick up now or can be shipped. My puppies under eight weeks old are available for a nonrefundable deposit to be placed on them for the puppy to be reserved for you and then  to be picked up or shipped to their new homes when they are eight weeks old.  I have all my  puppies ads posted on my puppy page. TO VIEW ALL OF MY AVAILABLE PUPPIES please click on  Puppies at the top of this page and the next page that opens will say Available Breeds, German Shepherd, please click on German Shepherd that will open the page with all of my available puppies for you  to view. Thanks. I have now added videos of each of my puppies on my puppy page. The puppies parents info and pictures are on my photo page.                                                                                                        


I have built this website myself. I didn't have it built by a professional. I have put a lot of hard work and thought into it. I hope you find it informational and can see the love I have for my German Shepherd dogs and my puppies. The site template[back ground] I choose from the many that Animaroo who powers my website offers.  You will see the site template[back ground] change often  as the seasons change or my mood changes. Hope you enjoy the many looks my website will have. I look forward to your many visits in the future.


If you are interested in having one of my puppies be one of your new family members you will have to call me on the telephone and talk to me about the puppy. I don't sell any of my  puppies to anyone without talking to them on the phone first. I don't sell to pet shops and brokers because I want to talk to the person or family that my puppy is going spend the rest of their lives with. I love all my puppies and just try to match them up to the right homes. If you are interested in one of my puppies please call me at home 573-223-2154 or my cell is 417-693-2997. I have an answering machine or voicemail on each phone, so if I don't reach my phone please leave a message. I will return your call. If you have any questions about any of my puppies you are welcome to email me too. My email address is  whitefamily@semo.net . I only have one email address. Don't forget that I, Marilyn White, must talk to you on the telephone before you are able to buy one of my puppies. I don't accept a deposit or the full payment on any of my puppies unless I have talked to you on the phone. So if you are interested in any of my puppies I look forward to talking to you on the phone. I am proud of all my puppies and their parents and always enjoy talking about them all. 




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Rt 2 Box 2612
Piedmont, MO63957

Phone: (573) 223-2154


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