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Rt 2 Box 2612
Piedmont, MO63957

Phone: (573) 223-2154


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Hi! I'm Marilyn White. I live in the small town of Piedmont, Missouri. My husband Michael and I own a 20 acre farm. I have raised all kinds of animals, chickens, goats, miniature colts, siamese kittens, ferrets, just to name a few. We bought our first German Shepherd in 1996. I raised a white German Shepherd with my daughters and I couldn't have picked a better breed of dog to raise with my family. He was there beside them being loving and protective as they were little girls chasing butterflies. He was still there beside my daughters in our driveway being loving and protective as their boyfriends came to our home to take our daughters out on dates. Michael and I will always have German Shepherd dogs as a part of our life and so will our girls. My daughters are now in college and have Drago my working line male German Shepherd with them as loving, protective companion. I don't worrry about my daughters with Drago with them. The picture on this page is of Silver. Silver is the foundation of my kennel and is  a black and silver German Shepherd. He is my husband's big baby. Silver is the male German Shepherd I started my breeding program with and is an absolutely wonderful dog. We have a very deep love and respect for German Shepherds.