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Snowy River- Solid White German Shepherd Stud

General Info

Name: Snowy River- Solid White German Shepherd Stud

Description: Snowy River is a solid white male German Shepherd. He is a totally new bloodline added to my kennel. Snowy River is very playful and loves to play with my young adult German Shepherds and my daughter's Husky when she visits. Snowy River grew up respecting Silver my black and silver male as the alpha dog of the group. He gets along very well with Silver. He is actually a very quite German Shepherd. There are times I have someone visiting me and Snowy River is behind my sofa and no one knows he is even there in the room. So to be such a big white dog he certainly knows how to disappear if it suits him. He is funny and makes me laugh a lot. We are very happy that Snowy River is a loving member of our family! Snowy River has been retired.