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Fenrir- Solid Black Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Fenrir- Solid Black Stud German Shepherd

Description: Fenrir is a solid black male German Shepherd. He came to me from a breeder on the east coast. He is a total new blood line added to my kennel. Fenrir is a really big German Shepherd. It took him a long time to grow into his feet and ears. He is a beautiful German Shepherd with a kind loving heart. He was raised in our home with Silver and Freeze. He totally respects them. He loves to play with all my German Shepherds. He likes to take runs in our woods and play in the snow. He likes to splash in a puppy pool and in our pond too. He likes to play ball and is always ready for a treat. Fenrir has a very sweet personality. We are very happy Fenrir is a loving member of our family!