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Wolverstone- Red Sable German Shepherd Mom

General Info

Name: Wolverstone- Red Sable German Shepherd Mom

Description: Wolverstone is a red sable female German Shepherd. Her mother is Kaiawah, a red sable retired spayed female. Kaiawah's parents are Missy Ann, my retired spayed bi-color mom, and Lord Sesshomaru, my solid white retired dad. Wolverstone's father is Cree, my solid black retired working line dad. Cree's litter mate brother is Dragonslayer which is my black and tan working male that has also been retired. Cree's father is Draven, my solid black working line retired dad and his mother is Dee Kay, my retired black and tan mom. Kaiawah and Cree live in Illinios with one of my best friends Dawn. They have been with Dawn since they were puppies and are just her spoiled loving companions. Wolverstone is the largest female in my kennel. Most visitors that are at my kennel and see her think she is a male German Shepherd just by her size. Her puppies are always very big German Shepherds when they are adults. Wolverstone is very loving and loves attention from me. When she is running around out of her walk in kennel she comes up to me and sits down right in front of me so I can scratch her chest and love on her. She also has to give me kisses. Her rule not mine. She is so funny. This is her routine with me, scratch chest, loving, and dog kisses. If she doesn't get her full routine two or three times I don't get anything done. Wolverstone is set in her ways as far as I go. Like I said she is too funny. You just can't help but love her. She enjoys just nosing around in our woods. She likes to play and splash in our pond. She likes to take short runs in our woods with some of my other German Shepherds. She is a good mother. She is very protective of her puppies. She enjoys playing in snow in the winter when we occasionally have snow. She is very watchful and very alert. She has a big loving heart, she just doesn't show it to strangers she doesn't know. She is truly just a big sweetie pie. We are very proud that Wolverstone is a loving member of our family!