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Berrylicious - Black & Silver German Shepherd Mom

General Info

Name: Berrylicious - Black & Silver German Shepherd Mom

Description: Berrylicious is a black and silver female German Shepherd. Her father is Mufasa my long coat black and silver dad that is still in my kennel. Her mother is Crescent Moonlight, one of my solid white moms that has been retired. Berrylicious is a house dog. She loves to sleep on my sofa or love seat in the living room. When she is in our fenced in front yard it is not uncommon to see her sitting in one of my lawn chairs on the front porch. She loves to sit in chairs. She thinks she is a human not a dog. She is very loving and listens to me very well. She loves to run and play with my other German Shepherds. She gets along with all my other dogs. She does well with my cats. She is a smart girl and very gentle in nature. She is a very large female German Shepherd. She takes after her father with her size. She enjoys attention but does not push for it. She is a sweet girl. We are very proud to have Berrylicious as a loving member of our family!