I have five Blue German Shepherd Puppies available. I rarely have Blue German Shepherds for sale. It is a very hard color to come up in my litters of puppies. I have never had this much of a variety of the blue color for you to chose from. So now is the time to look at them if you are interested in a blue puppy. They all have blue eyes. The eye color will stay blue or change to green or hazel. Check them out on my puppies page. They are all rare beautiful German Shepherd puppies. Here are the nickname of the puppies to check out that are blue.

Kiara's Mr. Honey Limeade - Blue and Silver Male

Kiara's Miss Sangria - Blue and Tan Brindle Female

Kiara's Mr. Orange Martini - Blue Fawn Brindle Male 

Kiara's Mr. Cappuccino Cooler - Blue and Tan Brindle Male

Kiara's Mr. Blue Lagoon - Blue Fawn Brindle Male

If you have any questions about these beautiful puppies email or call me. I will be glad to talk to you about any of them. They are loving awesome puppies. Thanks for your interest in my puppies. 

Marilyn White    Owner/Breeder    573-223-2154   

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Rt 2 Box 2612
Piedmont, MO63957

Phone: (573) 223-2154


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