Bringing Your New Puppy Home

When you bring your new puppy home, whether from my home or from the airport everything will be alien to him. He will have just left his mom, litter-mates, and me. He will be looking to you for direction, comfort, and protection. So have patience and give him time to adjust. He may not be real playful and bouncy at first. Just talk to him often and always be kind and gentle with the puppy. He will not know what you are saying, but he will respond to the tone of your voice. Show the puppy his crate as soon as you get him home. Put his toys in his crate. I always send a towel or toy with his mom and litter-mates scents on it. Be sure and put that in the crate too. It will help the puppy adjust to your home with something that has his families scents on it. Show the puppy were his food and water bowls are. Keep a close eye on him to make sure he continues to eat and drink. If you have any problems with this call the breeder, me and I will give you info to get through this issue should it arise. Soon your puppy will know where his special little place is in your home. Your puppy may be homesick for a night or two. So don’t be surprised if he cries or whines at bedtime. The puppy has been snuggling with mom and his brothers and sisters which are not with him now. You can put a pig ear, knuckle bone, or kong in your puppy’s crate which might help distract him from being homesick. Don’t play rough with your new puppy. Let him get comfortable and make his own advances. It might be a few days before your puppy feels comfortable in his new home to want to play. When playing with your new puppy don’t overtire your puppy and make sure he gets plenty of time for naps. Your German Shepherd puppy will grow fast and become a valued, loving, protective member of your family in no time at all. You will wonder, what did we do before we got this puppy!