Vanillabean Noel

Gender: Male

Vanillabean Noel is my Isabella male German Shepherd. The color Isabella is blue and liver together. He is a big beautiful male with blue green eyes. He is a new bloodline in my kennel. He is very loving but independent minded. He loves playing with my adult German Shepherds. He enjoys playing with balls and his stuffed toys. He enjoys going for a walk in our woods with me. He is always ready for a hug from me. He is very alert and lets me know if anyone is around. He is very charming to my moms in my kennel. He treats them with love and respect. Vanillabean Noel is just a big sweetheart! We are very proud Vanillabean Noel is a loving member of our family! Vanillabean Noel is the father of ┬áIce Princess’s litter, Smokie Jo’s litter and Foxy’s litter of puppies.