Smokie Jo

Gender: Female

Smokie Jo is a solid blue female German Shepherd. Her mother is Jasmine, one of my retired black and tan moms. Her father is Freeze, one of my working line black and tan dads. Freeze is one of my current kennel dogs. Smokie Jo’s litter mate sister is Foxy which is my blue and tan mom. Foxy is also one of my current kennel dogs. Smokie Jo is an active dog that loves to run and play with my other German Shepherds. We don’t get much snow but when we do she has a blast playing in it. She likes to splash around in her puppy pool in the summer. She adores getting treats. She thinks they are the best! She is a funny girl that makes me laugh at her cute antics. She is good natured and listens when I talk to her. She loves to be petted and loved on. She is a wonderful German Shepherd. We are very happy Smokie Jo is a loving member of our family!