Gender: Female

Tempest is a black and tan female German Shepherd. Her father is Silver, my retired black and silver dad that is my conformation dog show champion. Her mother is Robin Blue, my retired spayed solid black working line mom. Robin Blue’s mother is Bella, my solid black retired spayed Czech-German working line mom. Robin Blue’s father is Drago, my solid black working line German Import retired dad. Tempest’s litter mate sister, Ember is in my kennel too. These two girls are from the last litter that Silver fathered. Tempest is an enegetic German Shepherd. She likes to take a run in our woods and play in our pond. She likes to play in her puppy pool. She is a very good mother. She likes to run and play with my some of my other German Shepherds. She is a very alert German Shepherd. She is always ready for attention. She is always ready to be in the middle of anything going on. We are very proud to have Tempest as a loving member of our family!