Wolverstone Red Skye

Gender: Female

Wolverstone Red Skye is a red sable female German Shepherd. Her father is Chaos, my solid black working line dad. Her grandfather is Drago my solid black working line German Import male German Shepherd. Her mother is Wolverstone Pride my retired red sable mom German Shepherd. Wolverstone Red Skye’s best friend is her mom Wolvestone Pride. She does everything with her mom. They take runs in the woods, swim in our pond and both want attention from me at the same time. They are like two peas in a pod. Wolverstone’s mom was with her when she whelped her puppies and helped her raise them. Wolverstone believes in family taking care of family. She has become a wonderful mom with the help and guidance of her mother. Wolverstone is playful and energetic. She likes to play with my other German Shepherds. She is a wonderful German Shepherd. We are very happy to have Wolverstone as a loving member of our family!