New Litter Of German Shepherd Puppies Posted On My Puppies Page!

I have new German Shepherd puppies posted on my puppies page of my website. I have German Shepherd puppies that are ready for their new loving families now. I have these puppies posted on my puppies page of my website. We have beautiful German Shepherd puppies now for you to view and place a puppy deposit on your choice of puppy. They can be picked up now at my home or I can ship the puppy to you. Shipping is an extra cost and my shipper books them to fly to you. The puppy’s ad will state that the puppy is ready for puppy pick up now or the release date for puppy pick up of that puppy. The registrations of these puppies are AKC, American Kennel Club and UKC, Universal Kennel Club depending on which registration the mom has will be the registration of the puppy. It will state in the puppy’s ad the puppy’s registration and the mom and dad’s name. I have posted these puppies ads on my puppies page of my website with pictures and videos. You can check them out on my puppies page. My available puppies are posted on my puppy page. They are available for puppy pick up at my home in Piedmont, Missouri when they are eight weeks old, which means some of the puppies are ready to go to their new homes now. These puppies can be shipped. It is posted in the puppy ad at the bottom of the ad when their release date for puppy pick up is. I currently have several German Shepherd puppies available in a choice of colors, solid black, solid white, black and tan, and black and silver. So if you are ready for a German Shepherd puppy please check out my puppy page. I have puppies ready to have puppy deposits placed on them now so they can be reserved for you. These puppies that have their release date in their puppy ad of when they turn eight weeks old. I release my puppies to go to their new forever homes at eight weeks old. All the pictures in my puppy ad are of that puppy only. Each time we have a photo session I just add the pictures to that puppy’s ad. That way you can see how that little cute puppy is growing and changing. They are all sweeties! Each puppy ad has videos of that puppy to view also. I have several German Shepherd puppies on my puppy page in several different colors to choose from that I’m accepting puppy deposits on to reserve them for you for puppy pick up or until they can be shipped to their new loving family. All my current puppies in the puppy ads on my puppy page are available to go to their new loving homes at eight weeks of age. They are all cuties! Check out all my unique and traditional colors of German Shepherd puppies. My current available puppies are short coat puppies. They are all beautiful loving puppies. I’m sure you will find one that you will fall in love with! My German Shepherds are loyal, loving, smart, and protective of their family. My puppies have pictures and videos on their ads on my puppy page. Their parents are on my photo page with info and pictures. If you have any question about my puppies call or email me. I will be happy to talk to you about my dogs and puppies.

Have a great day! Marilyn White 573-223-2154 [email protected]