PET SUPERJUICE For Dogs and Puppies

Pet SuperJuice is a new product that I have used in my kennel for many years now. I’m so pleased with the results from it that I’m sending a 2 oz. bottle home with every puppy that leaves my kennel. I have done this for several years. I think it is helpful and good for my puppies in adjusting to their new homes. The bottle of the Pet Super Juice that I sent home with each of my puppies, I think it really helped keep their little systems regulated out as they adjusted to their new homes. It is a prebiotic that is all natural and it boosts the immune system of the puppy and adult dogs. Every puppy experiences stress as they transition to their new home. Stress greatly impacts the digestive system of the puppy. Just like a human baby, a puppy’s immune and digestive systems are not fully developed. So they are more susceptible to stress symptoms and disease. Pet SuperJuice is a prebiotic which works by really increasing the beneficial bacteria in the digestive system that fights illnesses. Pet SuperJuice will help the digestive system have better digestion that eliminates gas and drastically reduces waste and body odor. It is a healthy natural way to keep your home and yard odor free. It comes in a 2 oz and 4 oz bottle that you can treat the puppy food with or spay in the puppy’s mouth durring stress times or to help correct diarrhea. It also comes in a 12 oz bottle that is only to bulk treat the puppy food or adult dog food. But if you keep your 2 oz or 4 oz bottle you can refill it from the 12 oz bottle. I sell all three size bottles if any of my clients are wanting more of this wonderful product. Just call or email me for the price and cost on shipping if needed.