Potty Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherd puppies are very intelligent and easy to house train. Any time they eat, drink, sleep, start playing hard, take them outside to go potty. If the puppy starts going in circles, or stiffing on the floor take him out to go potty and praise the puppy after he goes potty. You can give a treat if you want too. You need to keep an eye on the puppy in the house at all times to house train. If you can’t watch the puppy then crate the puppy or put the puppy in an outside kennel. That way there are no accidents in the house and the puppy is safe. I have some clients that have a bell by the door and ring it each time the puppy goes outside to potty. The puppy learns to ring the bell when he needs to go potty outside. Have patients and be watchful and your puppy will house train in no time at all.