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Dragonslayer- Black & Red Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Dragonslayer- Black & Red Stud German Shepherd

Description: Dragonslayer is a black and red male half working line German Shepherd. His father is Draven, my solid black full working line German Shepherd dad. Drago and Silver are both in his pedigree. His mother is Dee Kay one of my black and tan moms. Dee Kay and Judith Marie are litter mate sisters that look just alike in color and frame size. Dragonslayer is a wonderful combination of all these dogs. He is a big dog with beautiful eyes. He is calm and loving. He is very playful with my other German Shepherds. He plays great with my puppies socializing them. He lays in the floor and five puppies are all over him and he is just so gentle with them. It is so adorable. We are very proud Dragonslayer is a loving member of our family. Dragonslayer has been retired.