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Chaos- Solid Black Working Line German Shepherd Stud

General Info

Name: Chaos- Solid Black Working Line German Shepherd Stud

Description: Chaos is a solid black male German Shepherd. His father is Drago my German Shepherd import. His mother is Waya my black and tan brindle German Shepherd mom. Chaos has a very loving personality. He has a high drive but listens very well. He is very loving and loyal to our family but he doesn't like strangers. He is very alert and always lets me know if someone is here. He is always in play mode with my other German Shepherds. He is the largest German Shepherd we have. He is taller and bigger than has dad and Drago is a large dog. He puts his long legs in reverse when I let a litter of puppies out to play. He is not sure about the little animated puppies. It is funny seeing him move in reverse. He thinks he would rather stick to toys, balls and grown German Shepherds to play with. He gets excited with he sees me get a leash. He knows he is going for a walk. He likes to take car rides. He is an awesome dog. We are happy to have Chaos as a loving member of our family! Chaos has been retired.