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Freeze- Black and Tan Working Line Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Freeze- Black And Tan Working Line Stud German Shepherd

Description: Freeze is a black and tan male German Shepherd. His mother is Sugar, one of my retired spayed white German Shepherd moms. His father is Chaos, my working line solid black German Shepherd dad. Freeze's grandfather is Drago my solid black full working line German Import male German Shepherd. Freeze like his father and grandfather is a dominate male German Shepherd but he has a gentle side to him that tempers the dominate side down. He is my husbands dog and listens very well to commands. He grew up under Silver, my black and silver male and respects him as the head dog of the pack. Freeze loves to play ball with people or by himself. He never turns down treats. He loves to swim in our pond or play in a puppy swimming pool. He loves to take runs in our woods. He is always ready to go out for a walk. His conformation is extremely good. He is almost as large as his father Chaos is. We are very happy to have Freeze as a loving member of our family. Freeze is the father of Razzle Dazzle's litter of puppies.