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Aspen- Black Sable Brindle German Shepherd Mom

General Info

Name: Aspen- Black Sable Brindle German Shepherd Mom

Description: Aspen is a black sable brindle female German Shepherd. Her mother is Waya, my black and tan brindle that has been retired. Waya lives with my daughter Megan. Aspen's father is Snowy River, my solid white dad that is still in my kennel. Aspen is a wonderful combination of both her parents. She takes her mother's brindle color and adds it into a black sable coat. She has her father's regal build. She has a very unique striking look to her. She is very playful and loves to play with my other German Shepherds. She likes to swim in our pond. She is very fond of her puppy pool. She likes to play ball and take it and drop it in her puppy pool. She doesn't care if she plays ball with me or by herself. She is just a girl that likes to have fun. She likes to take walks in our woods. She takes good care of her puppies and is very watchful with them. We are very happy Aspen is a loving member of our family!