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Princess Leia- Black and Tan German Shepherd Mom

General Info

Name: Princess Leia- Black And Tan German Shepherd Mom

Description: Princess Leia is a black and tan female German Shepherd. Her father is Lord Sesshomaru, one of my retired solid white dads. Her mother is Judith Marie, one of my retired black and tan moms. Judith Marie's parents are Silver, my black and silver retired dad and Heidi, one of my retired black and tan moms. Princess Leia reminds me so much of her Grandmother Heidi, with her love and devotion to her puppies. Heidi loved all of her puppies with her whole entire heart and Princess Leia does the same thing. Needless to say Princess Leia is a truely great mother to her puppies. She has a very loving personality. She loves attention and listens very well. She loves to take walks by our pond and through our woods. She likes to play with my other young German Shepherd adults. She is a wonderful baby sitter with other puppies. She likes to play in her puppy pool. She is an awesome German Shepherd. We are very happy to have Princess Leia as a loving member of our family!