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Nova- Long Coat Black & Tan Brindle Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Nova- Long Coat Black & Tan Brindle Stud German Shepherd

Description: Nova is my long coat black and tan brindle male German Shepherd. His father is Mufasa, my long coat, black and silver dad. His mother is Waya, my retired black and tan brindle mom. Nova is a laid-back, low drive boy. He is not a dominate natured dog and will make friends with any other dog that wants to be friends with him. He is a very friendly dog and quickly welcomes strangers that want to be friends. Nova loves attention and is always up for pets or cuddles. He loves to go out for walks and hikes in the woods. He is a very easy walker and has always been very good about walking beside you with minimal training. Nova is a carrier for white, blue, and possibly liver. He lives with my daughter and her husband. We are happy Nova is a loving member of our family!