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Tahiti - Black & Silver Working Line Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Tahiti - Black & Silver Working Line Stud German Shepherd

Description: Tahiti is my black and silver working line male German Shepherd. His father is Freeze, which is one of my black and tan kennel German Shepherds. His paternal Grandfather is Chaos, which is solid black and one of my kennel dads. His paternal great Grandfather is Drago, my retired solid black full working line German Import. Tahiti's mother is Sugar Cookie, which is one of my silver sable moms and still an active kennel mom. Tahiti's maternal grandmother is Robin Blue, one of my retired solid black working line moms. His maternal Grandfather is Snowy River , which is my solid white dad that is still active in my kennel today. Tahiti looks like his dad Freeze with the exception of being silver instead of black. We have to do a double take on those two dogs to make sure who is who. Tahiti is a very alert German Shepherd and lets me know if anyone is around. He is a very social German Shepherd. He gets along v very well with my female German Shepherds. He does fine with being around Chaos and Mufasa. He is a very smart dog. He knows Chaos is the top dog of that socializing group. Like I said he is a smart boy. He has a very regal look to him. He likes to take walks through the wood with me. He enjoys swimming in our small lake. He is a very sweet German Shepherd. We are very proud to have Tahiti as a loving member of our family. Tahiti has been retired.