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Drago- Solid Black Working Line Stud German Shepherd

General Info

Name: Drago- Solid Black Working Line Stud German Shepherd

Description: Drago is my solid black working line male from Germany. Drago has an awesome pedigree. Paska vom Salztalblick is his father and a very highly known dog that is SCH 3. Drago's mother is SCH 3. All of his pedigree is SCH 3 with other achievements too. Drago is a high powered dog with a high prey drive. I have been told by a law enforcement dog trainer that Drago has a perfect head. He likes to be loved on. He stayed with my three daughters in college and took protecting them very seriously. I didn't worry about my daughters with Drago watching after them.My oldest daughter has graduated and gotten married, so Drago lives with Megan and Chris now. We are very proud he is a member of our family. Drago has been retired.